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Original SAPO Body Exfoliation Net | Long African Exfoliation Mesh Sponge

Original SAPO Mesh Body Exfoliator | African Exfoliation Mesh Sponge; 'sapo' as it is known in Africa, is the best-kept beauty secret and can elevate your shower/bath experience to another level; a body scrub and net exfoliator all in one that can lather like no other, scrub like no other, and clean every part of your body like no other product can. Many will attest it helps with squeaky clean skin, dry and hard skin, ingrown hairs, and can even prep and exfoliate skin before waxing tanning. 114 cm long

Made from met mesh, you can take your pick from an exclusive rainbow of unique and vibrant colors. Although rough, it is not overly harsh so suitable for all ages and skin types; even safe enough to use on your face. One of the best things about this sponge is that it does not breed bacteria as the mesh allows water to run through and dry quickly.
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